Organizing Your Clean-Up Project


Set a Date

Try to pick a date a few weeks after you’ve made the decision to start organizing your community trash clean-up  so that you will have plenty of time to advertise for it. The bigger the initiative, the further in advance you will need to plan. 

The most successful clean-up days are usually on the weekends when most people are available and on a day that has a good weather forecast. 


Choose a Location

Depending on where you live, your location can be anything from your neighborhood, the side of a road, an outdoor mall, a hiking trail, or the beach. Make sure that the area is safe— if you’re cleaning up on the side of the road, for example, have participants wear bright colors to protect volunteers from oncoming traffic. 

Keep in mind that the larger the area is, the more people you should encourage to participate.


Gather Your Supplies

Our free kit comes with everything you need to start your project. Make sure that you have enough trash bags and gloves to bring to the location, and make sure that you have easy access to a place (a car or truck, most likely) to put the bags after they’re filled so you can take them to dispose. Lugging heavy bags of trash long distances is not fun! 

Depending on the size of the area, you may want to have separate bags for trash and recycling. 


Begin Advertising

Our kit also comes with social media graphics and posters to help kickstart the advertising process. Advertise anywhere you can— your neighborhood or your school are great places to start. You can even email other local organizations to spread the word about your initiative. Make sure you’re clear on the details: the date, time, and the place participants will meet are super important. 

You can have participants RSVP if you’d like, or they can just show up at the meeting place the day of! 


Pick up some trash!

Come to your location ready to pick up trash! It is hard work, so you can bring some snacks [hyperlink with package-free snack ideas when we have it] and a reusable water bottle. 

(Tip: If you have a reusable water dispenser, you can set up a small volunteer station for the participants with water, snacks, etc.) 

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