Project Planet Advocacy is building a better global future by embracing intersectionality and amplifying diverse voices in the green movement. 

Our Story

Project Planet originated as an effort to conserve the environment and encourage sustainable living, with a focus on saving endangered species. However, as we dived deeper into issues of sustainability, it became apparent that environmental issues don’t just impact animals – they impact people, too. Project Planet Advocacy now aims to bridge the gap between social justice, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare to promote a safe and equitable future for all.

Social Justice

Project Planet encourages sustainable practices and policies to solve one of the big factors in racial and economic injustice: environmental destruction. Wealthier groups are responsible for most of the pollution and environmental degradation that harms our planet. Unfortunately, however, the brunt of environmental destruction falls on less fortunate and oppressed groups. 

Project Planet is a platform that amplifies voices that have been silenced and aims to promote truly sustainable environmental policies. By spreading information and stories about oppressed groups and the environment, Project Planet hopes to give all people a voice to communicate their needs and struggles. 

Environmental Sustainability

Project Planet encourages eco-friendly living habits while still recognizing the impacts of intersectionality on a person’s ability to live “sustainably.” We aim to change the stringent image of “sustainable living” that has been propagated by the media and bring back the definition of sustainable: capable of being maintained at length. Through our programs, challenges, and blog posts, we encourage everyone to do what they can and make a difference in the community. 

Animal Welfare

Project Planet believes that social justice doesn’t just apply to humans — all sentient beings have the right to live free of pain and suffering. Today’s society condones and even glorifies animal exploitation, where exotic furs, ivory trinkets, and animal trophies are considered prized, luxurious possessions. Project Planet actively works to encourage cruelty-free living and pushes for policies that recognize animal rights. 


Project Planet is about empowering everyone to do what they can, and that includes you. Here’s how you can help our movement: 

~ Use our free kit to organize a trash clean-up in your community 

~ Read our blog to learn more about environmental justice and how you can help 

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