Black Lives Matter Resources

We stand in solidarity with the Black community. View resources to support the movement below.


TED/TEDx Talks 

Call Local/State Representatives 

Justice for Elijah McClain

  • Daniel Brotzman, Aurora City Attorney: 303-870-9078 
  • Mike Coffman, Aurora Mayor: 303-739-7015 

Justice for Breonna Taylor 

  • Greg Fisher, Louisville Mayor: 502-274-2003
  • Daniel Cameron, Kentucky Attorney General: 502-574-7660

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery 

  • This number will connect you to local representatives and give instructions: 770-800-0689 

Sign Petitions 


Donate Without Money

It’s not enough to sign the petitions. Engage in anti-racism every day 
  1. Learn. Set aside time to learn about systemic racism and how it affects BIPOCs in our community. Be prepared to do the work, and don’t ask your Black friends/colleagues to educate you for free. It is not their job to donate their emotional labor to you.
  1. Engage in conversations about race with friends and family. Yes, these conversations may be difficult, but silence allows harm to the BIPOC community to continue. Challenge and correct racist comments and microaggressions, even if BIPOCs aren’t around. 
  1. Understand your privilege. Having privilege doesn’t mean that you haven’t had a difficult life; it just means that your skin tone/gender/sexual orientation/socio-economic status/ability isn’t one of the things that makes your life harder. Understand how your privilege can affect the way that you view the world. Just because you haven’t witnessed racism or oppression doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 
  1. Support sustainable Black-owned businesses. This directly supports BIPOCs by funneling money back into Black and Brown communities. 
  1. Diversify your feed. Supporting BIPOC creators on social media amplifies Black and Brown voices and helps break down racial stereotypes. 

More Resources! 

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